Wednesday, March 20, 2002

2002 History Channel Launch

20 March 2002

NPP participated with the TASK/TAY archaeological organisation to present the launch of Digiturk’s The History Channel within the historic Tophane building.

Istanbul? Yeah! imagery portrays all aspects of modern day Istanbul which inevitably includes the past. These images ideally lend themselves to organizations such as TASK.

Istanbul is a strategically placed barometer for the rest of the world. In many ways, Turkey is an integral leader in the way forward for global trade and communications and better understanding in tomorrow’s world. To understand tomorrow, it helps to understand our history.

Today was determined by yesterday, yesteryear, yesterdecade, yestercentury.............

………….the better the world understands Turkish history, the better we might understand the predicaments of today’s world, because Turkey itself stands as an expression of the tension between cultures and countries, north and south, east and west. The better the global communication, the better the opportunities for global trade and investment and the exchange of information and cultural values.

Bordering 7 countries, 3 seas and straddling 2 sea-straits and dividing two continents, Turkey has been central to European and Asian history to-date and inevitably will continue to be so.

The TASK Foundation had recently collaborated with NPP on a calendar featuring Istanbul? Yeah! imagery. Published by the corporate sponsors of the TAY Project and the TASK Foundation, the calendar promoted the vitally important work which the TAY Project and TASK undertake to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Turkey.

Journey to Tophane passing Efes van

Journey to Tophane with boy looking on

Sea of Marmara meets the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn

Inside Tophane, the artist walks by while Atatürk Smiles

Banner displaying Where East Meets West & Ortakoy

Einstein looks over proceedings

Ataturk looks down next to JFK

Ataturk looks down over proceedings

About TASK.......

The establishment of the TASK Foundation stems from the principle of preserving Turkey’s cultural heritage, stopping all kinds of destruction, and promoting this heritage to international public opinion. All kinds of support to this Foundation contribute to the rejuvenation and reawakening of cultural values that might otherwise be lost and forgotten.

About the TAY Project.......

In order to achieve its aim, TASK initially targets the completion of Turkey’s archaeological inventory, initiated by the TAY Project and essential to the development of national policies, strategies and applications. TASK believes that the most significant factor in enabling the efficiency and continuation of preservation programs is the participation of all social factors and the mutual sharing of information at national and international level. It aims to support proposed projects in the targeted subject, to cooperate with new people, new projects, and new ideas without boundaries. In short, it aims to support any work which dreams of the preservation of historical, archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage.


TASK Foundation
Oguz Tanindi, Chairman
Murad Ozbasaran, General Secretary
Aslanyatagi Sok. No. 35/2, Cihangir 80060 Istanbul
Phone: +90 (212) 244 32 09, +90 (216) 478 03 11