Saturday, December 13, 2003

2003 ZAGA TV

NPP printed a calendar poster for 2004 featuring the image Where East Meets West and a request to support Rainbow Bridge at

Zaga TV host Okan Bayulgen saw the poster, liked the project and immediately invited Ned to guest on his late night Kanal D Zaga TV show on the evening of Saturday 13 December.
Rainbow Bridge was presented to a young audience at 3.00hr on the Sunday morning. By Monday had received over 100,000 hits and the quick vote counter went from 200 to over 30,000 votes.

"Look at this guy! None of us are thinking like he does. Why does it take a foreigner to come to our country and show us such a simple, intelligent idea to promote our country? It's an inspired idea and it will be an inspired decision for our authorities and our country to let this happen.”

Okan Bayulgen

However, the TV appearance also highlighted the website to less desirable traffic. Website hackers attacked deleting in particular portraits of Atatürk and leaving Islamic text on the site. It eventually led to NPP having to change the website server and rebuilding the site.