Monday, February 03, 2014

2014 Istinye Park Istanbul

I returned to Istanbul for a weekend for my first public painting activity for some time. Boards and paint were supplied and children invited to join me in applying the paint. A little chaotic, but makes a change from TV and i-phones: Istinye Park, Istanbul:
Organised by Active Events:
A big thanks to Alp, Ali, Sevim, Nurullah, Gizem and The Marmara Sisli.

Saturday 01 February 2014

Sunday 02 February 2014

An example snap of why I love Istanbul: looking at Asia from Europe:

En plus, Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 2-0 while Chelsea won 0-1 at Man City, resulting in Arsenal's return to the top of the table. Footnote: Memery of Turkish Protests:

12.02.2014 - On my last day, the Sunday, Kerem Akalın found me. He's made a documentary film on Göbekli Teppe: Trailer:
Göbeki Teppe info:

Now, I am very happy to see Istinye Park are due to host an exhibiton about Turkish archaeological site Göbekli Teppe 25 February - 10 March 2014:
Klaus Schmidt on Göbekli Teppe: